Yüzyüze Görüşmeler

Face to Face Interviews

We try to obtain the most detailed and comprehensive data in face-to-face interviews, which we carry out in the form of surveys or interviews with people in the target group suitable for the needs of our customers, at home, in the workplace or on the street.

CATI – Bilgisayar Destekli Telefon Görüşmeleri

CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Calls

CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interview is a survey technique implemented through a software. CATI surveys are the most convenient survey technique in terms of immediate collectability and cost.

Anket Tasarımı

Survey Design

Your survey form to be used in the field application is designed in a clear and understandable way, in accordance with your target audience and the criteria of the study, to have the highest response rate.

Online Görüşmeler

Online Interviews

Thanks to the developing technology, we are mostly doing our surveys online with a tablet computer. In this way, we can transfer the answers received from the subjects to the database online, get instant data, analyze and report.  

Veri Analizi ve Raporlama

Data Analysis and Reporting

The data collected through researches are analyzed using appropriate data analysis methods through appropriate statistical programs after their entries are made. Analysis results are reported to our customers with professional graphical reporting software.

Eğitim ve Çalıştaylar

Training and Workshops

Thanks to our Basic and Advanced SPSS trainings for academics, students and employees, and our Biostatistics trainings for healthcare professionals, we take your skills to the highest level by increasing your basic and advanced statistical literacy. Click here for detailed information and training programs.

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Applied SPSS Basic Training, Advanced SPSS Training, SPSS Applied Biostatistics Training

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BAP (Bilimsel Araştırma Projeleri) ve Tübitak

BAP (Scientific Research Projects) and Tübitak

Armada Research has 10 years of experience and knowledge in survey questionnaire design, field application, statistical analyzes and reporting studies that academicians need in scientific research projects. Our company, Scientific Research Projects carried out by university faculty members and the survey conducted within the scope of Tübitak.

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Armada Omnibus artık Eskişehirli firmaların hizmetinde

Armada Omnibus is now at the service of Eskişehir companies

Omnibus research is a quantitative marketing research method in which data on various topics are collected in the same questionnaire. It is a survey where multiple customers share the cost of doing the research. Subscribers usually receive some of the information collected specifically for them. Usually a set for different customers

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It is important to stand out and make a difference for the continuity of your business in market conditions where competition is intense. In order to be ahead of your competitors, you should know everything about your industry and be able to develop a strategy accordingly.

Your most reliable assistant in Master's and Doctoral theses

Survey questionnaire design, field application and statistical analysis

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